Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke rebukes NAACP, Black Lives Matter

In a blistering editorial appearing in The Hill Saturday, outspoken Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke offered a dim view of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

In his shockingly forward critique of the civil rights organization, Sheriff Clarke declares the group to have sacrificed its obligations to underprivileged members of the black community, preferring to “sell out” to the Democratic Party.

“They have sold out their original mission of freedom for blacks and instead have become slaves to a new master, the Democrat Party,” wrote Clarke.

Continuing to lambaste the group, Sheriff Clarke accuses the NAACP of cheapening civil rights advances, seizing police incidents with tragic consequences to boost anti-police narratives and eviscerates the NAACP for its association with the Black Lives Matter movement, which he establishes as inveterately hostile to law enforcement.

Through the prism of a member of law enforcement, Clark censured the NAACP for essentially promoting lawlessness for its willingness to adopt urban myths alleging police officers are trigger-happy racists and for embracing progressive politics, both at the expense of destitute blacks.

Further highlighting how the NAACP has lost its compass, Clark points to a wave of socially progressive issues the group has adopted, particularly on social media, and reminds readers the black community has far more serious concerns than global warming:

“The NAACP should take note: Blacks do not care about global warming or contriving racist explanations where they don’t apply. They want real jobs, better schools and safer neighborhoods than they currently enjoy.”

Bitterly denouncing the NAACP’s transformation from a virtuous union devoted to representing poverty-stricken blacks, exposing racism and on the vanguard of landmark legal cases, Clark asserts the groups’s hijacking by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party demands a new image and name:  Clark designates the group as the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian Progressivism.

Concluding his evaluation of the modern-day NAACP, Clarke proclaims the group to have emerged a racist organization itself through adopting and echoing Progressive politics and anti-police invective, stating the alliance is in no position to judge anyone.

Clarke is an avid supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and has campaigned with the New York businessman in recent weeks.


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