Libertarian Johnson nabs Hillary Clinton in debate’s biggest lie

Shut out of the trio of presidential debates, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson took a cue the two major party candidates and gained some exposure by appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday evening.

Addressing a multitude of issues from the legalization of marijuana, his future White House plans, his now-legendary blunder over the significance of Aleppo in world affairs and millennials, the former New Mexico governor projected warmth, personality and a sense of humor.

Expressing anxiety over the future of America’s young adults, Johnson told Kimmel the millennial generation was “getting screwed” over entitlements and the Affordable Care Act.

Later, referring to marijuana, Johnson indicated approval over the likelihood the state of California would legalize its use in November, but stopped short of advocating the legalization of harder drugs.

In a surprise bit consistent with Kimmel’s late-night antics, Johnson even fielded a question from debate sensation Ken Bone, who inquired of Johnson’s political future.  Johnson playfully admitted he would not seek the White House again should he lose on Nov. 8.

Pivoting toward the debate which had taken place hours earlier that evening, Johnson weighed in on the duel between Trump and Clinton.  Describing the debate as one in which little time was spent on entitlements and foreign policy, Johnson revealed his frustration with what he sees as a misuse of the U.S. military overseas and decried America as the world’s policeman.

Offering a critique of Trump and Clinton’s debate performance, Johnson saw an opportunity for his own comedy and criticized Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for uttering the biggest lie of the evening when the former New York senator declared:  “I don’t add a penny to the national debt.”

“The biggest hoo-hah of the evening, the biggest whopper, was when Hillary said: ‘Hey, I’m not going to add a penny to the deficit.'” Johnson said. “Come on. $30 trillion, maybe, but not a penny.”

Although Mr. Johnson confused Mrs. Clinton’s words, deficit with debt, he was astonished Clinton could utter such a prevarication.

Mrs. Clinton is proposing a $1.4 trillion tax package which includes a $350 billion income tax increase for a “New College Compact” with a proposed cap on itemized deductions, a $275 billion business tax increase for “Infrastructure” through undefined tax reform and a $400 billion “Fairness” tax hike by raising the “Death Tax” and taxing carried interest on capital gains.

Similarly, Clinton is proposing a six-bracket capital gains tax structure, an unquantified tax on stock trading and an “Exit Tax” levied against corporate income overseas.

According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, Clinton’s plan, if enacted, and include her hefty tax increases, would lower the national debt based only on current tax rates.

Since Clinton did not expound on her massive spending plans, it is projected her tax plan connected to spending would increase the debt from $14 billion to $23 billion over the next decade.

Although GDP is expected to grow under Clinton’s plan, so would the annual debt, increasing the debt-to-GDP ratio to 86 percent from 77 percent, to-date.


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