Raw voter turnout may set new record in November, favoring Democrats

The U.S. recently reached a new milestone of 200 million registered voters, as reported by data company TargetSmart after new registration numbers were released by the states of New York, North Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire.

The new total represents more than a 36 percent increase in voter registrations since 2008, when just over 146 million Americans were eligible to cast ballots.

According to TargetSmart, most of the new voters registered this year favor Democrats, with only 29 percent expected to lean toward the Republican Party and 28.4 percent being independent.

Moreover, the data firm says new voters favor the Democratic Party overall in all 15 so-called swing states, including Georgia. The largest gains were seen in Colorado and Nevada, where 29 and 20 percent more voters favor Democrats over Republicans.

One of the main reasons for the Democratic Party’s registration advantage is America’s demographic trends. Since 2012, Hispanic voters have increased by 17 percent and Asians by 16 percent, compared to only a 2 percent jump in registered white voters.

A Pew Research study released in February predicted that 31 percent of all general election votes would be cast by minorities in 2016, the “most racially and ethnically diverse [electorate] ever.”

“It remains to be seen how different demographics perform proportionally but we are very encouraged by the early signs that we have seen,” said Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook.

Mook also said earlier this week that the Democratic campaign expects voter turnout in November to eclipse the all-time record, set in 2008 when over 131 million votes were cast.

Despite some optimism for increased participation, the percentage of voter turnout is not expected to threaten the post-World War II record set in 1952 when over 63 percent of the voting age population actually cast a ballot in the general election.


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