City of Chicago surpasses 2015 violent crime totals

The toll on Chicago’s violent crime ridden streets reached a grisly milestone on Monday morning as the Windy City recorded an additional eight killed and another 40 wounded over the weekend.

In sum, 3,475 of Chicago’s citizens have been shot through Monday, in comparison to the total of 2,441 shootings through the same period in October 2015.

In October alone, 37 Chicago residents have been shot and killed, bringing the total number of homicide victims to 39. Additionally, 204 citizens have been shot and wounded as of Wednesday.

Eclipsing the previous totals, Chicago’s 2016 homicide totals stands at 595, up by 186 from October 2015’s tally of 409.

Alarming police particularly is the violent crime infringing in areas in which violent crime totals were virtually nonexistent in the past.

Upscale neighborhoods such as the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Streeterville, tony quarters where property crimes remained baffling until recently, have experienced a spike in violent crime, including six homicides through Monday.

Critics of Rahm Emanuel’s administration and the Chicago Police Department accuse both of manipulating crime data to present a decline in violence.  A Chicago Magazine exposé in 2014 uncovered how the city uses crafty language to present skewed crime statistics.

According to that publication, the city routinely labels homicides as “death investigations” or “undetermined deaths” to produce lower homicide rates and claim a victory over violent crime.

According to website, a Chicago resident is shot every two minutes and one is murdered every 11 minutes.


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