Bernie Sanders could take Vermont’s 3 electoral votes in November

Despite receiving 1,865 delegate votes at the Democratic convention in July and pledging support to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, a not-unlikely scenario of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders winning his home state in the Nov. 8 election has emerged.

Vermont is one of seven states in which voters are entitled to write in a candidate of their choice when exercising their right to vote.

In addition to Vermont, which claims ownership of three electoral votes, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island authorize voters to cast a ballot through the privilege of writing in Mr. Sanders’ name on the vote ticket.

During primary season, Sanders defeated former Secretary Clinton in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Oregon, making it possible Sanders could become a contender in each state despite not officially registered on ballots.

A further 34 states allow write-in ballots if a candidate has submitted forms to register on a state’s ballot, which the Green Mountain State senator has not done.

Propelling the theory Sanders could emerge as a foil in the general election is the recent discovery online searches for write-in balloting have taken off in several states, Vermont on the forefront.

Sanders is not alone:  An additional five declared presidential candidates have submitted paperwork in states to tilt the balance in November.  Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle, Reform Party candidate Rocky De La Fuente, independent Laurence Kotlikoff and independent Evan McMullin are positioned to earn votes nationwide.

Mr. McMullin, a former CIA officer, is gaining ground on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in Utah.

Although unlikely, should one write-in candidate win one state or more and either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton not earn 270 electoral votes, the election could be thrown to the House of Representatives, which would then hold an election of their own.


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