Clinton campaign lashes out at WikiLeaks after email dump

Roiled by a string of devastating leaks which may hurt their election chances, Hillary Clinton’s campaign denounced disclosure portal Wikileaks in a series of tweets aimed at linking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to Russia and describing the journalistic group as a tool of the Kremlin.

Following the second of three debates between the New York businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary Hillary Clinton, campaign aide Brian Fallon responded to the first tranche of emails released by Wikileaks by upbraiding the group and demanding to know why it has targeted Clinton over Trump.

Undaunted, Fallon continued to imply of a connection between the whistleblowing platform, Russia and Trump.

In a final assault, Fallon tacitly states Wikileaks is an element of the Russian propaganda engine seeking to benefit GOP’s presidential nominee.

Fallon’s Twitter tantrum follows the U.S. government formally accusing the Kremlin of orchestrating a hacking campaign against the Democratic National Committee and alleging Moscow is attempting to tinker with the inner workings of the electoral framework.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov dismissed Washington’s claims as “nonsense.”

“This is yet another fit of nonsense! Tens of thousands of hackers [try to break into] President Putin’s website daily. Many of these attacks can be traced to the United States. Yet we do not blame the White House or Langley every time,” Peskov told reporters.

Since Sunday, Oct. 2, Clinton’s lead over Trump in the RealClear Politics average of two-way national polls has increased from 2.5 to more than six points — 48 to 41.8 percent as of Thursday.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy Getty Images via Express]