Security tossed from State flight to accomodate Clinton Foundation officials

According to emails obtained by conservative advocacy group Citizens United through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged to remove Diplomatic Security (DS) personnel from her government plane to accommodate two employees of the Clinton Foundation in 2009.

The flight left Andrews Air Force Base for a journey to White Plains, N.Y.

In an email exchange between top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Bill Clinton assistant Doug Band, Abedin announces:  “we have room for you and justin [sic] tomorrow,” indicating there would be a spot for both Band and a separate Bill Clinton aide, Justin Cooper, on the aircraft.  Later, in the text of the email, Abedin states:  “kicking DS off,” specifying the security detail would be removed from the flight.

Both Band and Cooper are close aides to the former president and are heavily involved with the activities of the Clinton Foundation.

Although Band and Cooper’s name appear on the flight manifest, the names of several individuals known to be on the flight were redacted.

“Now that we know diplomatic security was kicked off this flight, who are the redacted names on the flight manifest they don’t want us to know about?” asked Citizens United official, J.T. Mastranadi.

Citizens United has relentlessly pursued Clinton over its theory she routinely conducted foundation business while serving at the State Department.


[LifeZette] [Photo courtesy Carolyn Kaster/AP via Wall Street Journal]