Leaked memo: Steve Harvey appearance scripted for Clinton

According to a leaked email furnished by hacktivist website DC Leaks, talk show host Steve Harvey provided the Hillary Clinton campaign with a complete copy of questions he intended to ask of the former Secretary for a sit-down interview held with Clinton in February.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained the Harvey memo from an email attachment which was sent to Clinton by staffers Karen Finney and Betsaida Alcantar.

“Steve is known to be a host who goes out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable,” it read. “We coordinated closely with the show’s producers on the script and format of the show.  Please note that the tone of the show is generally light so even on policy questions, Steve won’t go too deep into details.”

So carefully was Clinton’s appearance scripted, the memo reveals how Clinton staffers and Harvey’s assistants broke down segments and informed Clinton’s camp of their willingness to have campaign aides collaborate if not entirely craft her interview.

“During this segment Steve will take a trip down memory lane with YOU to talk about the different moments of YOUR life displayed in the photographs below,” the memo continued.

Later responding on the show as if the portion was unpremeditated, Clinton gushed “Oh boy. Oh my goodness,” when she viewed an image of her at age 12 in the lavish chronicle of her life produced for Harvey’s show.


Harvey sure did go out of his way to make Clinton comfortable on his show, so much he turned the entire production over to Clinton’s team of seasoned media specialists and in doing as much, revealed he is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hillary Clinton. Harvey endorsed Clinton for the White House one week following her appearance on his show.

This incident, of course, is vintage Hillary Clinton:  In the past, Clinton has received questions in advance on more than one occasion.  In 2015, Clinton was revealed to have had questions provided in advance of an interview on Meet the Press while serving at the State Department; was laughably given questions ahead of an appearance on the Late Show with host David Letterman; had campaign staffers fed questions by MSNBC reporters in advance of a post-debate interview assessing Clinton’s debate performance; and speculation persists Clinton knew of exact questions prior to the Sept. 26 debate against GOP rival Donald Trump.

No Republican candidate would enjoy the advantages Harvey accorded Clinton.

Even in the confines of the friendliest environments, Hillary is dependent:  Dependent on her husband’s coattails, dependent on media for opulent diaries of her life, dependent on aides to lift her from self-inflicted wounds which would fatally harm others, dependent on government security details, dependent on taxpayer-funded limousines, dependent on donors to subsidize lavish travel and accommodations, dependent on journalists to turn away from perceptible scandal or conflict of interest and dependent on her gullible audiences to believe her endless string of ethical lapses are not of her own making, but rather the invention of political opponents.

Had Clinton appeared on Harvey’s show without failed MSNBC talk-show host Karen Finney, now a top Clinton media consultant, negotiating on her behalf, Clinton would have been irreparably harmed, which is precisely why the former Secretary of State refuses to hold regular press conferences and carefully negotiates media appearances over fears she will falter so badly and be exposed as a walking gaffe machine.

Similarly, the failure by Steve Harvey to stand up and demand Clinton be treated as every other guest on his show signals the cowardice of a starstruck and spineless media which ceded control to abet their chosen candidate in 2016.

Americans can smell a hoax at a great distance.  This recent revelation only elicits a roll of they eyes as we have become intimately familiar with how Hillary advances herself.  As terrible candidate as an actress, Hillary should have remained the dishonest lawyer she became before she decided to skip astronaut training and settled on her burning ambition to become the first female president.

Once Hillary is elected and in the crosshairs of legitimate journalists, she will have have nowhere to hide, unless she chooses Mr. Obama’s path and greets an entirely new form of journalism in appearances with comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and GloZell Green, YouTube appearances or sit downs with Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns.

Clinton’s desperate gambit to appear human and secure millennial votes drove her to Galifianakis; this foreshadows her true intent once she occupies the White House.


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