FBI: Obama exchanged emails with Clinton using pseudonym

Despite claiming it was a New York Times‘ report which informed him the existence of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, FBI documents released Friday, Sept. 23, have disclosed President Obama not only knew of the former Secretary of State’s arrangement, but had also exchanged emails with Clinton under a redacted pseudonym.

Citing presidential communications privileges, the FBI refused to release the documents or the pseudonym Mr. Obama used.

During a March 2015 interview with CBS News, Mr. Obama told Bill Plante he discovered Clinton was using a private email system for official State Department business “the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.

Days later, the White House admitted the president had in fact known of Clinton’s server, but had corresponded with her. When addressing the contradiction, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Mr. Obama’s answer was not to be interpreted as regular correspondence.

Although the FBI did not release details related to the president’s communications with Clinton, the FBI dump included Bureau interviews with a narrow group of close aides including policy adviser Jake Sullivan, Bryan Pagliano, Monica Hanley and Sid Blumenthal.


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