Physical shows Gary Johnson is healthiest 2016 presidential candidate

After being shut out of the first presidential debate Sept. 26 and enduring ridicule over his failure to recognize the significance of Aleppo in world affairs, Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson may finally have secured an edge over fellow White House contenders Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

According to Mr. Johnson’s physician, Dr. Lyle Amer, the triathlete and marathon-running, non-smoker is described as in “extraordinarily good health at this time of his life.”

Unlike Republican nominee Donald Trump, who admitted he does not exercise and is known to devour fast food by the truckload, or Hillary Clinton, who is not known to engage in any physical activity, the former New Mexico governor is notable for his daily exercise regimen which, because of the rigors of campaigning, has actually been scaled back to an hour of exercise a day.

According to Dr. Amer, Johnson is not on any prescription medication and only known condition is autoimmune disorder celiac disease, for which the mountain-climbing candidate merely adjusted his diet to exclude gluten products.

A couple of inches shorter than the self-professed six-foot, three-inch, 236 pound Trump, Johnson tips the scales at an uber-healthy 172 pounds — well within the acceptable weight realm for a 63-year-old man.  In contrast, the approximately five and a half foot tall Clinton weighs approximately 135 pounds, which exceeds healthy weight standards.

The former governor and president and CEO of medical marijuana company Cannabis Sativa Inc. and founder of multi-million dollar construction company Big J Enterprises may not reach win the election, but should he show interest, the next president may consider him for the role of  head of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Gov. Johnson is currently garnering approximately eight percent of the vote nationally in four-way presidential polls which include Green Party nominee Jill Stein, according to RealClear Politics.


Editor’s note: Story has been corrected per candidates’ physical specifications, i.e., Trump and Clinton


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