Illinois judge slaps injunction on same-day voter registration law

An Illinois law enacted in 2015 allowing same-day voter registration on Election Day at polling stations in Illinois counties with populations surpassing 100,000 was blocked on Tuesday by a federal judge.

In his ruling, Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan declared the law framed one set of laws for urban areas and a second set for rural realms and if the same standard could not be furnished for areas with lower populations, their political representation would suffer.

“The application of this legislation favors the urban citizen and dilutes the vote of the rural citizen,” Der-Yeghiayan wrote in his opinion Tuesday.

At stake in the 2015 law signed by then-Governor Pat Quinn is a requirement which allowed counties boasting populations exceeding 100,000 which employ electronic records to register voters at all polling places on Election Day.  In contrast, counties with less than 100,000 total population without electronic vote registration devices were to provide same-day registration at a single centralized location.

A lawsuit filed in August by Chicago-based legal group Liberty Justice Center contended allowing the law to exist benefited Democratic candidates who relied more heavily on urban areas for support.

Despite Judge Der-Yeghiayan’s Tuesday’s injunction, according to Illinois State Board of Elections, voters will be allowed to register on Nov. 8, but at fewer sites, the Cook County Clerk’s Office among them.

The Illinois Attorney General’s office did not immediately comment on the ruling.


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy Scott Olson/Getty Images via Chicago Sun Times]


  1. Kathie

    ALL same day Registration must be allowed!
    SO WHAT if it creates a little administration problem.
    WHAT ELSE are Administrators there for but to manage important LITTLE problems!?

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