Dr. Howard Dean suggests Trump may have the South Florida flu

Approximately one hour into the presidential debate on Monday evening, former Vermont governor and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate Dr. Howard Dean noticed something unusual about Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presentation and questioned its root cause.

Following media and Twittersphere outrage on the ridiculousness of the suggestion, Dean doubled-down on his hypothetical diagnosis in a Tuesday interview on MSNBC.

“Here’s the interesting constellation — he sniffs during the presentation, which is something that [cocaine] users do,” Dean said. “He also has grandiosity, which is something that accompanies that problem. He has delusions. I’m not talking about being crazy, but, for example, when he told everybody he was very smart not to pay taxes then denied he said it after he said it in front of 100 million people, it’s not that he’s delusionary about it, it’s that he thinks somehow he’s not going to get caught.”

“He has trouble with pressured speech,” he continued. “He interrupted Hillary Clinton 29 times. He couldn’t keep himself together.”

Dean went on to say that Trump hasn’t released any “meaningful” personal health information, so there’s no proof he doesn’t have drugs in his system.

The former Vermont governor also pointed out that despite widespread questions about the Democratic candidate’s health, Clinton has released a more complete medical report to the public.

In a Tuesday morning interview on “Fox & Friends”, Trump insisted that “there was no sniffling,” but Clinton officials did refer to his “snorting” on their campaign plane.

Dr. Dean, a family practitioner from 1981-1991, remains adamant about questioning Donald Trump’s potential habits and said he will not delete the suggestive tweet.


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