The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Damascus renounces ceasefire:  One week after a shaky truce brokered by the U.S. and Russia went into effect in Syria, the Syrian government declared Monday the cessation of hostilities was over.

UN officials said a humanitarian column destined for Aleppo had been struck by unidentified warplanes. A UN spokesperson confirmed 18 of 30 aid vehicles in a UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent column were hit and destroyed.

Although rights groups were uncertain whether the bombing was carried out by Syrian or Russian aircraft, humanitarian officials and the UN say if deliberate, the bombing could amount to a war crime.

Russia holds parliamentary elections:  Despite record-low voter turnout, the United Russia Party earned 54.2 percent in Russian parliamentary elections to certify 343 United Russia seats in the State Duma, an increase from 238 seats the Party earned in 2011 elections.

Despite warnings of potential voting irregularities, Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation head Ella Pamfilova, who had vowed free and fair elections, said the parliamentary elections “are proceeding in a quite legitimate way.”

Merkel suffers a second election blow:  Following crushing defeats to her ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) two weeks ago in the north German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, German voters delivered a second blow to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday in Berlin elections.

Taking second with 17 percent of the vote, Merkel’s CDU was bested by the Social Democrat Party, which earned 22 percent.

Merkel’s immigration stance is widely believed to drive the anti-Merkel backlash in the election.

Anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany earned 14 percent in Berlin elections, allowing the Party to take seats in the State Parliament for the first time.

UK admits role in Syrian troop deaths:  Following the governments of Australia and Denmark admitting roles in the errant bombing strike in Syria on Saturday, the United Kingdom has announced they played a role in the strike which killed 62 Syrian troops.

A tweet from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense admitted involvement and stated the Ministry’s cooperation with the coalition’s investigation into the matter.

Cambodia jails rights activists:  A Phnom Penh court sentenced four land-rights activists to six months imprisonment on charges of insulting and obstructing government officials.

Following a three-hour trial Monday, four women,  Tep Vanny, Heng Mom, Kong Chantha and Bo Chhorvy were found guilty for a 2011 incident in which the four blockaded government officials and assaulted security officers during demonstrations protesting the seizure and turning over of land for commercial and industrial development.

The four have one month to appeal the court’s decision.


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