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U.S. to pay family in death from drone strike:  The family of an Italian aid worker killed in 2015 during a drone strike in Pakistan will receive $1.3 million in compensation from the United States.

Along with a second aid worker, Giovanni Lo Porto was killed in January 2015 by a drone strike targeting an al-Qaeda camp. Both men had been held by the terrorist group since 2011.

Although the agreement negotiated in July included a confirmation Lo Porto was killed in Pakistan and a cash payment “in memory” to the humanitarian worker, no official apology was offered.

UN probe blames Syria for chlorine gas attack:  Conclusions drawn from a joint-UN-Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons investigation state the Syrian government is responsible for a string of chemical attacks on Syrian civilian areas.

In sum, the report found in eight separate incidents between April and August 2015 Syrian forces used chlorine gas against targets known to be inhabited by civilians.

Syria, which purportedly destroyed 1,300 tons of chemical weapons in 2013, denied the report’s charges.

ISIS confronted with uprising over brutal rule:  Despite its imposition of pitiless rule, the Islamic State (ISIS) is reported to have been subject to a brief insurrection in a small village of  al-Talbini near the ISIS safe seat at Deir ez Zour.

According to reports, ISIS terrorists killed approximately 20 men for allegedly spying and mutilated the bodies.  Denied the privilege of giving loved ones a proper burial, citizens in al-Talbani attacked ISIS militants and detonated explosives at ISIS guard posts, killing 17 ISIS extremists.

ISIS retreated after taking several hostages and targeted the town for mortar shells to put down the mutiny.  Syrian Democratic Forces in nearby Markadah are reportedly mounting an effort to lift ISIS’ siege of the town.

Slovenia sues Croatia:  In a suit filed Thursday in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Republic of Slovenia contends the Republic of Croatia owes the Slovenian government €360 million in unpaid debt prior to their 1991 independence.

Both republics were once part of Yugoslavia.

Slovenia claims the debt originated from Ljubljanska Banka, an extinct bank under the former Yugoslavia where debt by Croatian firms have not been settled.

Migrants sue German government:  Frustrated with prolonged delay over slow handling of petitions for asylum, over 7,000 migrants seeking protection have filed “failure-to-act” lawsuits against Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

A BAMF spokesperson has stated the agency is experiencing a delay in attending to migrant applications due to a sharp increase in applications.

Germany has accepted over 1 million migrants in the past two years.


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