Trump would rescind Obama’s Cuba rapprochement unless rights restored

Speaking to Cuban-Americans at a Miami rally on Friday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump promised opportunity, prosperity and security for all Americans and vowed to “stand with the Cuban people in their fight against communist oppression.”

Similarly, Trump told the audience of his intent to rollback President Obama’s outreach to the Castro brothers.  Characterizing Mr. Obama’s diplomatic overtures to Havana as a “one-sided deal,” Trump vowed to alter course and demand Havana yield concessions, particularly religious and political rights and the freeing of political prisoners from detention.

Trump also described Obama’s reconciliation with Cuba as Havana gaining legitimacy and economic bounty through Executive Action with nothing in return.

“The next president can reverse them, and that I will do unless the Castro regime meets our demands,” Trump said.

Although Trump did not speak in broader terms of his proposed Cuba policy, conservatives have lambasted Mr. Obama for refusing to address a litany of issues related to over five decades of bitterness between Washington and Havana.

Critics charge the president’s Cuban gambit did nothing to make a make the communist stronghold more democratic: Mr. Obama neither pressured Havana to cooperate in returning fugitives from American justice nor persuaded the Castros to address legitimate claims from Americans over compensation for seized property after the communists took control in 1959.

Watch Trump’s remarks in-full from the James L. Knight Center below:


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