The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Aircraft debris confirmed as MH370:  Although over two years have passed since the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, officials with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau have concluded a large section of an aircraft wing discovered off the coast of Tanzania belongs to the missing aircraft.

Discovered in June, sections of the Kuala Lumpur-to-Beijing flight had previously washed up shore on islands in the Indian Ocean, but the section found in Tanzania was the largest piece to date.

Investigators expect more sections to emerge, but they admit they are no closer to discovering the exact location of the crash or the cause.

Syria opposition skeptical of truce:  Effective only days, a Syrian opposition official expressed doubt the Syrian ceasefire orchestrated by Russia and the U.S. would halt fighting entirely in the war-torn country.  A Sept. 12 cessation of hostilities has witnessed a decrease in fighting with sporadic breaches blamed on both sides.

Syrian National Council president, George Sabra, also argued aid deliveries must be free despite Damascus’ insistence it control humanitarian assistance and decried the lack of devices to punish violations to the ceasefire agreement.

Washington lifts Ivory Coast sanctions:  Citing progress in political reform and cracking down on illegal weapons trafficking, President Obama ended 10 years of sanctions against the government of the Ivory Coast.

Mr. Obama’s move follows the UN Security Council’s April decision to lift over a decade of wide-ranging sanctions, travel restrictions and unfreezing of assets against the east African nation.

Israel aid deal concluded:  After months of negotiations, the U.S. and Israel agreed on a 10-year, $38-million aid package to the State of Israel.  Originally seeking $4.5 million yearly, Israel accepted the $3.8-million-per-year deal, which is an increase of $700 million from a prior level of $3.1 billion annually.

According to the new agreement, Israel’s right to purchase weapons from domestic arms manufacturers will be slowly eliminated.

The aid package will additionally finance Israel’s missile defense program.

Assange arrest warrant upheld:  A Swedish appeals court maintained Friday rape charges leveled against Wikileak’s co-founder Julian Assange will stand.  Charged with sexual assault by two women in 2010, Assange has remained in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012.

Friday’s ruling was the eighth challenge to the Swedish court’s warrant.  All seven prior challenges have been upheld.

Following diplomatic and legal wrangling, the government of Ecuador agreed to allow Sweden to interview Assange in its London embassy.  The interview is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17.


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