The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Cameron resigns as Member of Parliament:  Former British Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron resigned from Parliament on Tuesday.  Cameron, who resigned as PM in July over his failed attempt to keep the UK inside the European Union (EU), had served as a Member of Parliament from Witney constituency since 2001, Tory Leader from 2005 and PM starting in 2010.

Cameron cited the possibility his presence in the House of Commons would be a “distraction” for new Prime Minister Theresa May.

A By-election for Mr. Cameron’s Witney, Oxfordshire, seat will held.

Cameron did not indicate at any future plans.

Indonesia proposes alcohol ban in Bali:  In the attempt to tame rambunctious tourists frequenting the popular vacation spot of Bali, Indonesian officials are weighing a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol in all Indonesia.

The proposal would carry a fine of ten years in jail for violation.

Advanced by Muslim-dominated parties in the most-populous Muslim country in the world, the ban pits the Muslim areas where alcohol is viewed dimly against Hindu areas which rely heavily on tourists and welcome alcohol.

France’s Hollande criticizes U.S. response to 9/11:  In a Facebook post, French President Francois Hollande remembered the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but took the opportunity to assail America’s response.

“The response that the American administration gave to these attacks . . . far from eradicating the threat, expanded it over a wider area. Namely to Iraq,” Hollande wrote, rebuking the U.S. and claiming France suffered in part because of American military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

France has experienced several devastating terror attacks in the past year.  ISIS-inspired attacks in Paris and Nice over the last year killed over 300 French citizens and injured hundreds more.

Syria ceasefire in effect:  London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting in the immediate aftermath of the cessation of hostilities brokered by both the Russian Federation and the U.S., “calm is prevailing” in all major zones of conflict.

Although there were reports of sporadic fighting in Hama near Damascus, BBC News reported in the first 15 hours of the truce, no civilian deaths were reported.

Despite the truce, humanitarian aid was waiting to be delivered to the most ravaged areas over security concerns.

White House admits failed hostage rescue attempt in Afghanistan:  White House officials have confirmed American Special Operations troops attempted to rescue two civilians abducted from the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Aug. 6.

According to unnamed sources, SEAL Team 6 was sent to a site believed to be where the hostages were held.  No hostages were found; however, the SEALs did encounter opposition forces and engaged in a firefight, killing seven militants.

During the operation, SEALs did recover evidence revealing the identity of the hostage takers.


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