The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

UK’s May weighs banning jobless migrants:  Facing criticism over alleged leniency in her immigration stance, British Prime Minister Theresa May is considering a ban on all migrants entering the UK without a job.

May dismissed Foreign Minister Boris Johnson’s “point-based” immigration plan over concerns it did grant the British government enough control in the movement of migrants.

May, a former Home Secretary, is believed to be planning a tougher work-permit system to halt the movement of EU migrants to the UK.

Pro-democracy candidates win seats in Hong Kong:  Following 2.2 million Hong Kong citizens turning out to vote in municipal elections, four pro-democracy candidates claimed seats in Hong Kong’s legislative council.

Of the 70-seat council, the four newly-elected officials are among only 40 seats in the Legco directly by the public.

Fervently anti-Beijing, the four represent the Youngspiration and Demosisto parties, both of which advocate for greater or full independence from China.

Israel hits Golan Heights:  Responding to mortar fire into Israeli-held Golan Heights from Syria, Israeli Defense Forces retaliated with a series of shellfire into Syria on areas believed to be under the control of the Syrian army.

Israel stated the Syrian fire was not considered stray and labeled it a breach of Israeli sovereignty.

No casualties were reported by Israel, but Syrian state media, SANA, said Israel had targeted Syrian positions from a reconnaissance aircraft and reported the fire caused material damage on Syrian positions.

Sturgeon set to craft referendum bill:  Scotland’s First Secretary Nicola Sturgeon informed Scottish Parliament on Tuesday she has taken steps to compose a new referendum bill for independence from the UK should the the circumstances emerge where Scottish people call for a second plebiscite.

Sturgeon said the bill would be for “immediate” introduction if public support for independence surface.

Sturgeon, a passionate foe of Brexit, has previously vowed to uphold Scotland’s membership in the European Union, including a referendum to remain in the economic bloc.

British warship sent to Libya:  Following Greece closing its borders to Middle Eastern migrants, rising anxiety in Europe over the flow of migrants to Italy and humanitarian concerns over smugglers preying on migrants desperate to flee the region, the British government has dispatched a Royal Navy destroyer to Libya to thwart smugglers and aid migrants.

Over 3,000 migrants from north Africa have died attempting to escape the area since the start of the Libyan civil war.

The HMS Diamond will join several other British warships in the area currently assisting in the rescue of migrants and arrest of smugglers.  The British operation began in 2015.


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