Donald Trump disses America on Russian-state television

Culminating a week in which both major party presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton attacked each other over national security issues during an appearance on NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum Wednesday, Donald Trump spoke on Thursday with Larry King, host of Larry King Now.

Larry King Now airs on Russia Today (RT), the government-funded, English-speaking Russian television network broadcast in the United States.

The network has been described as nothing short of a propaganda engine of the Kremlin.

During the 10 minute interview, King quizzed the New York businessman on a variety of issues from foreign policy to the Iraq War, immigration, third-party candidates and baseball.

Alternatively criticizing President Obama and Clinton, Trump censured the White House’s conduct of the war in Iraq.

“It’s a war we shouldn’t have been in, number one.  And it’s a war that, when we got out, we got out the wrong way. That’s Obama,” Trump said.

Casting doubt on the allegation Moscow was the mastermind behind the hacking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer files, Trump defended the Kremlin, saying he believes the Russian Federation was neither involved in the breach nor was it tinkering with the November election.

Shifting to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, King quizzed Trump on the question over their appearance on the debate stage with both him and Clinton:

“I’d rather it be Hillary and myself because we’re the only two with a chance of winning,” Trump responded.

In a twist to end the conversation, which was every bit as mysterious as his appearance on the network, when asked his feelings on Mexican immigrants, Trump apparently signaled his displeasure with the question and King was met with dead air as Trump had abruptly ended the interview without notifying his host.

“Donald, are you there?  I don’t know what happened there. We did not lose the connection, so something happened. But such is life in the big leagues,” King asked as he wondered aloud on live camera.

Although the White House declined to comment on Trump’s remarks, Clinton chided the real estate mogul’s appearance as representative of his candidacy lacking a serious tone.

Trump dismissed criticism of his appearance on RT, explaining he appeared as a favor to friend and host Larry King.


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