Trump campaign ends liberal media blacklist

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday ended a ban against select media organizations the New York businessman’s campaign had previously banned from covering Trump political events and press conferences.

“I figure they can’t treat me any worse!” Trump said in removing the ban.

According to campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks, The Washington Post, Politico and Buzzfeed are soon to have press credentials approved to cover Trump rallies and accompany journalists traveling with the Trump campaign.

Trump initially banned reporters affiliated with The Huffington PostBuzzfeed and The Des Moines Register in 2015 after the Register called on the real estate mogul to drop from the race; Spanish-speaking cable giant Univision was slapped with a ban in October 2015; The Post, Politico and The Daily Beast were exiled from covering Trump in 2016.

Although the ban was designed to exclude reporters from Trump events, it proved to be more of an annoyance and did not dissuade journalists from attempting to cover the candidate  On the contrary, it emerged to be more symbolic as banned reporters covering the Trump campaign often stood in general admission lines to gain access to events.

Virtually unheard of prior to the Trump bid for the White House, the blackout’s lifting was praised by Post Executive Editor, Martin Barron:

“Revoking press credentials was imprudent, pointless and offensive from the start.  We’re pleased to see the ban come to a long-overdue end.”

Maybe the liberal media will ease up on Trump now that he has let them back into the funhouse.


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy Richard Graulich/Palm Beach Post/ZUMA via Mother Jones]