North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim prohibits sarcasm

Following continued ballistic missile tests, a nuclear detonation and a string of top officials executed for the smallest infractions, including one for poor posture, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has effectively forbidden citizens from evincing the quality of sarcasm.

Banning the use of biting wit, it is said, is done because the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea dreads the prospect of aides, officials and citizens agreeing with him only “ironically.”

Although no official report from deep inside the hermit kingdom can be confirmed, Radio Free Asia’s Korean appendage published an account from an anonymous source detailing firm warnings to local assemblies against criticism of the North Korean leadership were delivered in August.  The description emphasized there would be no tolerance for direct or indirect censure of the dictatorship.

Further, the broad warning demonstrated there would be no room for forgiveness.

“The main point of the lecture was ‘Keep your mouths shut,” said the anonymous source.

Among the banned phrases:  “This is all America’s fault.”  The expression was proscribed for its overuse by citizens quietly mocking the chain-smoking supreme leader’s custom of blaming America for his country’s ills.

Similarly referred to as a “fool who cannot see the outside world,” by government workers over his absence at Chinese and Russian celebrations commemorating the end of World War II, the edict banning sarcasm is also attributed to the increase of anti-Kim graffiti adorning the walls in dark, stinking alleyways throughout North Korea.


Duped in the past by The Onion, this new directive makes sense.  Given Pyongyang’s Juche philosophy, a reasoning interpreted as “self-reliance,” the decree is constructed to inspire allegiance.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kim and the strange lot of petrified aides who surround him live under the paranoid impression their laws extend outside the North Korean boundary.  This new directive only serves to isolate Kim and his coterie from the ruled and will invite further mockery from the outside world.


[The Telegraph] [Photo courtesy AWD News]