The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

U.S., China ratify Paris climate accord:  Emphasizing his commitment to be a global leader in the fight against climate change, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping formally ratified the Paris Climate Accord to reduce carbon emissions.

Both leaders submitted paperwork to the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon on Saturday.

A non-binding agreement, the treaty requires each nation to set standards to reduce carbon emissions and report every five years on progress.

Civil workers in India strike:  Roiled at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposals to privatize state-run firms and the collapse of negotiations over minimum wage increases, an estimated 180 million Indian civic workers went on a one-day strike in India.

Union negotiators are objecting to New Delhi’s plans to turn over state-run forms to private interests and close failing businesses.  Union officials are demanding privatization plans be halted and the government guarantee health care and jobs for workers.

According to government figures, state-run firms lost over $4 billion in 2015.

Palestinian Authority head accepts Kremlin offer for talks:  Seizing an opportunity for a fresh approach to Middle East peace talks, Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas agreed Monday to direct talks with Israel in Moscow.

The talks were proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last month.

As of Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was still considering the Kremlin’s offer.

Saudis, Russia weigh limiting petroleum output:  In a bid to steady the world energy market, Russia and Saudi Arabia have agreed to create a study group to track the global oil market and devise recommendations to promote balance in the sector.

Saudi Arabia and Russia are the world’s largest oil producers.

Motivated by a drop from a high of $100 per barrel two years ago to a low of approximately $30 per barrel early in 2016, officials from both countries plan to meet in Algeria in October to discuss the possibility of capping output.

Pressure builds on Paris to close French coastal migrant camp:  Following Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart’s demand the French government intercede and take apart the Calais, France, migrant detention camp, truckers, farmers and local residents turned out in droves to blockade the main thoroughfare leading to and from the major coastal port of Calais on Monday.

Nicknamed “The Jungle Camp,” residents and workers were protesting the surge in attacks on businesses and residents by migrants assembled in the facility by French authorities seeking to prevent detainees from illegally entering the UK.


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