The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

EU levies hefty tax on Apple:  In the largest ruling ever issued against a single company, the European Union’s European Commission has imposed a €13 billion ($14.5 billion) tax bill against Apple Corp. for unpaid receipts.

In its ruling, the EU alleged Ireland extended tax credits to Apple in order to lower the tech giant’s tax burden for two decades.

Apple has said it will appeal the EU’s ruling.

Italy returning migrants on chartered flights:  Overwhelmed with 100,000 migrants, the government of Italy has begun to deport immigrants to Sudan through chartered EgyptAir flights.

Done in cooperation with the Sudanese government, 48 migrants were selected by Sudanese officials in Italy.

Rights groups have protested the expulsions.

Migrants leaving Sweden:  Following over 4,000 migrants withdrawing their applications for asylum in Sweden, the Swedish government begun to aggressively promoted cash payments of (kr) 30,000 for individuals and (kr) 75,000 for families to return to their country of origin.

Due to intense pressure from the public over failing schools, unemployment and public aid programs, Sweden has tightened immigration restrictions and boosted public knowledge of the payments to migrants to return home.

The cash incentive was created in 2013.

Mass graves discovered in Iraq, Syria:  Based on documents seized and eyewitness testimony, the Associated Press (AP) is reporting it has the location of 72 mass grave sites in both Syria and Iraq containing as many as 15,000 victims of Islamic State brutality.

Rights activists say the discovery may only be the first of many further mass graves unearthed from territory formerly governed by the terror group.

Lithuania gives lethal aid to Ukraine:  NATO member state and Russian neighbor Lithuania has admitted its government is supplying the Ukrainian military with ammunition.

A spokesman for the Lithuanian Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters Vilnius supplied Ukraine with 150 tons of ammunition for small arms utilized by Ukraine’s army on Friday.

The aid ends a two-year period where Lithuania withheld lethal assistance while it sought to avoid confrontation with Russia. The aid accompanies Vilnius demanding sanctions against the Kremlin remain in place over the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea.


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