Third party candidates Stein, Johnson qualify for New Hampshire ballot

Following Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s qualification in New Hampshire, Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, submitted the necessary 3,000 signatures on Friday to the Granite State’s Secretary of State’s office to also appear on the general election presidential ballot.

Seeking to build on momentum from their 2012 campaigns in which Johnson appeared on ballots in 48 states and Stein appearing on 37, both candidates have targeted the region for visits and Johnson recently embarked on a series of nationwide television advertisements promoting his campaign.

Mr. Johnson recently made a campaign trip to New Hampshire, a state in which he enjoys a slightly higher name recognition than Dr. Stein.  Johnson also recently earned the endorsement from a Richmond, Va., newspaper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Stein, an ardent opponent of overseas military intervention and a strong proponent of government investment in clean and renewable forms of energy, has concentrated her efforts on appealing to disaffected supporters of former Democratic primary candidate, Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has directed efforts on attracting conservatives unhappy with Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House and liberals leery of Clinton’s foreign policy hawkishness.

Nationally, Johnson earned approximately 1.5 million votes in 2012; Stein earned less than half a million.

Although the two candidates have luxuriated in the high disapproval ratings of both Trump and Clinton, neither Johnson nor Stein have yet polled the required 15 percent to be invited to the nationally-televised presidential debates.

Gov. Johnson is currently averaging eight points nationally to Dr. Stein’s three in a four-way presidential match-up, according to RealClear Politics.


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