Chicago surpasses 90 homicides in August, most in over 20 years

On pace to surpass 2015’s homicide tally of 488, the City of Chicago recorded its 90th murder in August with the shooting death of a 24-year-old man in the West Lawn neighborhood on the city’s southwest side Wednesday evening.

August became is Chicago’s deadliest month in more than two decades. 

The Upper Midwest city has experienced a sharp rise in homicides, registering 469 total deaths for the year, which is double the totals for both New York and Los Angeles combined.  In addition to 90 murders, Chicago experienced 472 shootings in 384 total incidents in August alone.

Characterizing the upward trajectory of violent crime in August as the work of a small coterie of repeat offenders, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated:

“Most of our violence is driven by 1,400 individuals in this city. So until we hold these repeat gun offenders accountable for their actions, we’re going to continue to see this violence.  We also recover more guns than New York and L.A. combined, but that just shows you the proliferation of guns out here in the streets of Chicago.”

Chicago has not seen over 700 homicides in one year since 1998 and not experienced over 600 since 2003.


[CBS Chicago] [Photo courtesy]