North Korea’s Kim whacks another top official for not sitting upright

Volatile North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered the execution of yet another top state official.  South Korean Unification Ministry spokesperson Jeong Joon-hee announced Wednesday Vice-Minister for Education Kim Yong Jin was put before a firing squad in July.

“Vice premier for education Kim Yong-Jin was executed,” Jeong told reporters.

Kim’s crime of crimes was “bad sitting posture” during a meeting with beloved Chairman of the Worker’s Party of Korea, Kim Jong-un.

The unlucky vice minister was later hauled off to a dank, stinking concentration camp deep inside the hermit kingdom where he underwent rigorous interrogation.  Accused of being an “anti-party, anti-revolutionary agitator,” and admitting to a string of subversive activities, Kim was then sentenced to death.

Along with Mr. Kim, two Pyongyang officials were also remanded to a political re-education camp.

One such official, Kim Yong-chol, was branded as “arrogant” and accused of “abuse of power.” A career intelligence official with the North Korean military, the 71-year-old Kim is regarded as the architect of cyberattacks and espionage efforts against South Korea.

Little is known of the second official or his whereabouts.


[ForeignPolicy] [Photo courtesy The Mirror]