The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Turkey intensifies Syria military operations:   The Turkish military supported by Syrian opposition groups intensified their incursion into northern Syria over the weekend with a series of airstrikes aimed at Kurdish (YPG) militia and Islamic State militants.

Kurdish YPG troops form the mainstay of an American-backed opposition to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Clashes between Turkish-backed rebels aligned with Syrian Democratic Forces and Kurdish forces were reported, but Turkey denied its armored forces were involved.

May to trigger Brexit without parliamentary consent:  According to unnamed sources, British Prime Minister Theresa May intends to initiate “Brexit” without seeking a vote from British parliament.

According to British legal advisers, May has the authority to trigger the exodus from the European Union without parliamentary vote.

Opponents of Brexit maintain the June vote was not legally binding and have suggested consultation with British parliament is required before the United Kingdom inaugurates its departure from the European economic bloc.

Kurds suspected of shelling Turkish airport:  Four rockets striking Diyarbakir Airport in southeastern Turkey are suspected to have been fired by Kurdish rebels operating in Diyarbakir Province.

Diyarbakir Province is a known stronghold of Kurdish anti-Ankara activity.

Turkey contends the rocket attack is in response to Turkish military forces entering into northern Syria intending to dismantle Kurdish YPG havens.

Bolivian miners kill deputy minister:  A Bolivian government minister engaged in negotiations with striking Bolivian miners was kidnapped and beaten to death on Thursday.

The Bolivian miners are striking for the right to work for private companies.

Kidnapped Thursday, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Rodolfo Illanes’ body was discovered hours later with significant signs of trauma.

The Bolivian government arrested three miners in connection with his death.

North Korea threatens action against border lighting system:  Hurling the accusation  a lighting system harnessed by American and South Korean military forces manning the Demilitarized Zone at the 38th parallel is untoward and provocative, North Korea has threatened to shoot out light fixtures placed by ROK and American troops in the direction of the North at Panmunjom.

North Korean state media announced the lights directed at North Korean security forces at the demarcation line separating North and South Korea infringes on the safety of its men and “is taken as an intolerable means of provocation and it will be the target of merciless pinpoint shot.”

Earlier this year, North Korea threatened action over the use of propaganda broadcasts directed at the North.  South Korea ended the broadcasts shortly after Pyongyang lodged the complaint.


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