Hillary Clinton to testify under oath over private server

Following an FBI investigation which revealed Hillary Clinton used multiple email servers, the Democratic presidential nominee must now submit to a series of written questions regarding her motivations for creating the system she set up and operated in her New York home while serving as Secretary of State.

Clinton’s answers on the matter have varied, alternatively describing her aim in maintaining the server was for personal convenience and later telling FBI investigators it was installed on the recommendation of former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

During a July hearing regarding a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information lawsuit (FOIA), Clinton lawyer, David Kendall, told Judge Emmett Sullivan Clinton created the system because it afforded the advantage of “convenience” for her as she served as America’s top diplomat.

Kendall later argued Clinton had previously answered questions related to the server and all inquiries related to why she set up the unauthorized system installed had been answered satisfactorily — contending there was “no legal justification” for the Judicial Watch lawsuit to proceed in light of Clinton’s public answers.

Sullivan, however, disagreed with Kendall’s reasoning and ruled on Aug. 19 Clinton must submit to Judicial Watch’s questionnaire.  In his ruling, Sullivan said Clinton’s answers regarding the secret email server have been so broad, the suit could proceed and allowed Judicial Watch to follow with further questions if needed.

Similarly, Sullivan ruled Judicial Watch can depose John Bentel, a former State Department employee who allegedly told staffers the private server Clinton maintained in her home was approved by State’s legal staff, a claim which remains unverified.

Clinton will have 30 days to complete the questionnaire.


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