Bill Clinton ordered bombing of Iraq to distract from Lewinsky scandal

A research article appearing in a Canadian scholarly journal with deep ties to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin unearthed recently purports former President Bill Clinton ordered a series of military strikes against Iraq in 1998 as a diversion to distract attention away from the erupting Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Abedin served 12 years with the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs as an assistant editor and a member of its editorial board.

In a research article penned by Canadian attorney, Sina Ali Muscati, it is alleged then-President Clinton, whose tenure was enveloped by the charge he committed perjury to cover his adulterous relationship with a White House intern and mistress, Monica Lewinsky, ordered a four-day cruise-missile strike against suspected Iraqi military targets to shift focus away from U.S. House impeachment proceedings.

Similarly, Muscati also alleges Clinton ordered military strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan in August of the same year to distract attention from a growing campaign finance scandal which was also threatening his presidency.

Writing in an article titled “Arab/Muslim ‘Otherness’: The Role of Racial Constructions in the Gulf War and the Continuing Crisis with Iraq,” Muscati contends:

“The crisis with Iraq has also probably benefited Clinton, serving as a good deterrent of attention from personal crises, such as his campaign funding scandals, legislative failures, or the Monica Lewinsky affair.”

“By occasionally bombing Iraq in the name of humanity, at least, he has been able to look strong and presidential.”

Clinton ordered the strikes Dec. 16, 1998, as the House was weighing charges he obstructed justice and committed perjury in both a sworn written deposition and later in front of a grand jury in August 1998.

Clinton was impeached on two counts, one on perjury and one charge of obstruction of justice, but was exonerated in a U.S. Senate trial.


Those familiar with these two suspicious moves, both very obviously politically timed, may now want to prepare themselves for what is expected in chapter two of a Clinton presidency.

While the chorus line of Clinton excusers and apologists sought to portray the former president’s perjury in front of two legal proceeding as some harmless adultery unrelated to the national interest, Mr. Clinton debased democracy and contributed to undermining the law, not to mention his misuse of the military for his political benefit.

Additionally, his actions, all illegal, led to a decrease in respect for the Oval Office and officeholders.

Often at great political expense and personal embarrassment, supporters of the Clintons often labor to decrease the significance of the messes the political pair find themselves; it is a political debt neither Bill or Hillary ever re-pay.

While the Clinton White House offered much political drama, the former president’s military action against Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan coinciding with a scandal which nearly consumed Mr. Clinton was clearly a cynical move by a cynical man during the most bizarre periods in his two terms.


[Daily Mail] [Photo courtesy Reuters via International Business Times]