Gary Johnson on Ohio presidential ballot in November

Although trailing substantially in Ohio, Libertarian Party candidate for president Gary Johnson averted disaster recently and will appear on the Buckeye State ballot in the November general election.

Campaign workers for the former New Mexico governor inadvertently left both his and running mate William Weld’s name off official paperwork submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office for the ticket to appear on the presidential ballot.

Evidently, when Johnson campaign aides supplied information for the forms required to register the Johnson-Weld ticket in Ohio, “placeholder” names were left in areas where the candidates names were required.

A mere oversight, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said the names could be replaced as long as the obligatory 5,000 petitioners’ names could be verified.  The 5,000 petitioners must be registered Ohio voters.

Johnson will appear as an Independent on the state’s November ballot.

According to the latest polls, the Libertarian candidate has maintained high single-digit support nationally, currently averaging 8.7 percent.  In the Buckeye State, Johnson has received as much as 12 percent in the past month’s polling, with Clinton leading Trump by four points, 43 to 39 percent.


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