Trump staffers caught posting politically incorrect material on social media

The Associated Press (AP) released its analysis of over 50 former and current Donald Trump campaign staffers’ social media postings on Monday, showing at least seven had engaged in promoting racist, anti-Muslim or violent sentiments on Facebook and Twitter.

The seemingly unbecoming views of some of the Republican nominee’s paid staff isn’t particularly surprising given the general tone of Trump’s campaign to-date, but the apparent need to express grossly politically incorrect opinions in public during election season points to an anger and ignorance not seen in American national politics perhaps since the mid-1800s when the Know-Nothing party was influential on the state and local levels.

Social media posts by Trump staff include video of a African-American gentleman eating fried chicken and espousing his opinions on black ignorance and a general habit of having more children out of wedlock than they can handle. Another accuses American Muslims of wanting to institute Sharia law and describes the Islamic religion as “a barbaric cult.”

Prior to being hired as the campaign’s Florida coordinator in November 2015, one Craig Bachelor posted a meme on Facebook of a middle-age Mexican man in a sombrero which intended to make fun of the Mexican accent.


Scott Barrish, Trump’s political director in Tampa Bay, Fla., went beyond social media, writing a letter to the Council on American-Islamic Relations in 2011 which expressed his suspicion that the organization planned to institute a theocratic, totalitarian government in America.  Two years later, in 2013, Barrish tweeted that he wasn’t hoping for another American civil war, but “if our freedoms must be defended against a tyrannical government, so be it.”

Finally, South Florida-based campaign organizer Annie Marie Delgado posted a doctored photo of Secretary of State John Kerry and famous 1960s actress and political activist Jane Fonda in December 2014, commenting “I say hang them!”

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, 120 people have been paid to work for Trump’s campaign since the summer of 2015, and 70 are currently on the payroll.

A review of nearly 40 paid Clinton campaign staffers by AP found no controversial messages or posts.  The Democratic nominee’s staff currently sports 650 members.


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