Senate candidate Evan Bayh inactive voter in home-state of Indiana

Despite his late entry into the Indiana Senate race to replace retiring Republican Senator Dan Coates, former Senator Evan Bayh has been declared an “inactive” voter by the Indiana Election Division.

Bayh, a two-term senator from 1999 to 2011, retired from office and was recruited by the Democratic Party to enter into Indiana’s senate contest upon the retirement of Sen. Coates.  Bayh’s opponent is U.S. Representative Todd Young.

Although Bayh remains eligible to vote in the Hoosier State, inactive status indicates the former senator’s Indiana residency could not be verified.  Although the Indiana Election Division routinely seeks to confirm a voter’s residency through mailers, the board was unable to verify where Bayh has lived since July 2014.  Bayh, however, was removed from inactive status in late 2014 when he voted in Indiana through an absentee ballot.  His inactive status was restored in 2016.

“The only time he ever shows up in Indiana is when he wants something from us,” said Trevor Foughty, Representative Todd Young’s campaign manager.  

Bayh maintains a residence in Washington, is employed with the international law firm McGuireWoods and has consistently claimed his Washington home as his main residence.

Bayh leads Todd Young in the latest poll by seven points, 48 to 41 percent, conducted Aug. 13-16 among 403 likely voters.


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