Koch political arm pulls funds for Marco Rubio television ads

Judging Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s Florida seat safe for the time being, the Koch political apparatus is scrapping plans to flood the Sunshine State’s television airwaves with pro-Rubio advertisements for the week of Aug. 3 through September 6.

“Rubio is running strong in Florida so we are realigning our television spend to other areas for this week.  We will continue to monitor things and make adjustments as necessary,” said Koch network spokesman, Jim Davis. 

It was expected the Koch network would spend $586,000 during the originally scheduled television advertisement blitz — part of a $42 million store intended to help the GOP defend its Senate majority — will be spent elsewhere.

Rubio’s most threatening challenger, Democratic Representative Patrick Murphy, trails the incumbent senator by five percentage points in the latest polls.

Florida holds its primary elections on August 30.


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