VIDEO: Southern Californians say they’ll vote for Karl Marx

Mark Dice returned to what elevated him to notoriety recently when, well, out of pure boredom, the sometime author and full-time conspiracy theorist sauntered over to the overcast beaches somewhere in California, one supposes, to expose beach bums’ blindness to the political landscape.

Mr. Dice introduced his unsuspecting respondents to Karl Marx as an attractive third-party alternative to the tedious Hillary Clinton and the contradictory Donald Trump.

As many rational-thinking persons would deduce, most of Dice’s interviewees were in a fog.

Describing Communist political theorist and economist Karl Marx (1818-1883), greeted by many as a “thrilling” option to Mr. Trump and former Secretary Clinton, Dice overloads his discourse with the conviction the late-apparatchik has attractive political appeal and is enjoying a startling groundswell of support.

Dice also compares the late-Mr. Marx to Vermont democratic socialist Bernie Sanders and states Mr. Sanders’ supporters are sustaining Marx’s rise in the 2016 election.

Marx, as many should know, co-authored the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto with Friedrich Engels, in which the two whimsical philosophers documented the history of class struggle.  Both men railed against capitalism and predicted the inevitable triumph of socialism.


Most people have to-do lists around the house for rainy days, but Mr. Dice is more interested in demonstrating his intellectual superiority at the expense of political novices for dissemination all over the world wide web.

This is not investigative journalism in the least, as nothing previously unknown is exposed.  On the contrary, Dice merely confirms our worst suspicions:  A solid majority of millennials are oblivious to the cast of characters competing in the November elections and are lamentably unenlightened of critical issues which affect them.

Luring people into his ambush and presenting the six-foot-under Marx as a viable contender for the Oval Office, Dice humiliates the unwitting, lesser-educated political class of voters for no other reason than to shamelessly self-promote.

To his credit, Dice does not edit one interview in the segment in which he is exposed as an impostor but, with good nature, does play along after being uncloaked.

While Mr. Dice enjoys theatrics at the beach, if nothing else, his labor simultaneously proves a majority of younger Americans clutching the right to vote are as dull as dishwater and reveals the lack of enthusiasm for Trump and Clinton.

It is, however, disturbing to see most of his dimwitted audience disclose they are indeed educated; this is a repeated incident which serves as a powerful indictment of our education system.

While Dice basks in the sun with his trickery, his action may have one unintended outcome:  Dice may inspire some to return home and investigate Marx’s work.  Even though some may find themselves red-faced over falling prey to Dice’s ploy, some may subscribe to the socialist thinker’s prescriptions for a managed economy and return as political activists to demand the restoration of what they find is a superior economic model.

While this brief video may inspire a few laughs or elicit a roll of the eyes, some could seize it as evidence the right to vote should return to the privileged few land owners.

There may be consequences to this folly.