CNN anchor admits media is ‘giving Hillary a free ride’

A brief analysis of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton‘s political aspirations prior to her announcing a bid for the White House in April 2015 has re-surfaced recently to buttress long-standing claims among conservatives that mainstream media outlets favor Democratic Party candidates.

As CNN correspondent Brianna Keilar speculates as to what crisis of conscience may arise among liberal mega-donors seeking to determine which Democratic candidates qualify for their campaign cash amid Clinton’s indecisiveness, CNN New Day host, Chris Cuomo interjected with this bombshell:

“We couldn’t help (Hillary Clinton) anymore than we have. You know, she’s just got a free ride so far from the media and we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.”

Chris Cuomo is the son of the late-New York Governor Mario Cuomo, and the brother of sitting governor, Andrew Cuomo.


This was no Freudian slip.  On the contrary, this was definitive confirmation among thousands of other distinct but comparable remarks, often editorials, favoring left-wing candidates or causes uttered by the most visible members of television media.

While Clinton and her coterie of acolytes will dismiss this as “old news” as they often do along with every other Clinton mess, it still serves as a perfect example of the utter domination of news by the left and their dismissive attitudes over a responsibility to disseminate news with equity.

Whether it remain the mainstream media’s effort to underreport well-founded stories related to Democratic corruption such as the IRS scandal in which the Obama Treasury Department halted legitimate requests for tax exemptions from conservative 501 (c)(3) organizations, the surveillance of AP reporters, the Solyndra episode, which put taxpayers on the hook for a paltry $535 million, the Government Services Administration living large on tax dollars in Las Vegas, Fast and Furious, to the repeated abuse of Executive Order by the president himself, all of which were met with timeworn excuses by those involved and elicited a roll of the eyes from left-wing media enablers.

The mere fact this shoddy episode escaped notice in 2014 is telling:  It represents a boldness of media actors to influence instead of inform, symbolizes the dominant culture of media and epitomizes an unmistakable lack of melange in mainstream media outlets.

Long ceasing to be a force in the distribution of news, Cuomo’s rare direct admission contradicts long claims network and cable news sources are intent in the honest management of news and their desire to treat certain political office seekers with kid gloves.

Cuomo’s laughable admission is proof the media’s endeavor is to hold a powerful sway over its shrinking audience and not simply supply information.


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