Anthony Weiner embroiled in another sexting scandal

Spurning lessons learned from previous amorous exchanges with female denizens in cyberspace, former New York congressman Anthony Weiner has recently found himself knee deep in the same sleaze which drove him from Congress in May 2011.

The Park Slope, New York, native has, yet again, been entangled in a sexting scrape which now threatens to further muck up the embarrassment he has caused his wife previously in 2011 and 2013.

Weiner is married to Hillary Clinton confidante, Huma Abedin.

Renown for his impassioned speeches on the floor of the U.S. House and a personal warmth, Weiner’s latest troubles stem from an text exchange with a college student in which he refers to himself as “mongoose” and overstates his stamina, characterizing his manliness as “deceptively strong.”

The plot, however, thickened and to the lustful Mr. Weiner’s surprise, the person on the other end of his risque verses came about to be a man.

After the sexting charlatan identified himself as “Nikki,” the depraved former congressman responded by revealing his fantasy is a concierge clothed in “strappy black heels” rolling out the welcome mat for him upon his arrival to Los Angeles.

Although the text back-and-forth continues, it is an exchange the bumbling Mr. Weiner has played out for the public before. The concupiscent former congressman concludes his exchange by casually adding his cell number and instructions on how he can be found.

Thankfully, and mercifully, Weiner did not send any racy pictures of himself.

When nabbed, Mr. Weiner spared his bored audience the traditional denials and chose a different tack: Instead of responding to the wave of accusations with flimsy excuses, Weiner responded to the New York Post saying he was aware of the deception and had harmlessly participated.

“I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose.” “(It was a) playful joust with an obvious catfish.”

Forced from his seat in Congress in 2011 over his misuse of Yfrog, in which he sent lurid images of himself and his erect genitals donning only undergarments to a Seattle woman, Weiner followed up in 2013 with an encore while running for mayor of New York City.

Shortly after announcing his intent to run for mayor, ribald images and spicy texts emerged online from a second woman. Weiner addressed the issue, stating they were loosely related to the 2011 matter and there were a handful of cyber-companions he had befriended, not the “dozens and dozens” alleged.

Worse for him in 2013, the revelation of naughty pictures included Weiner’s online incarnation, “Carlos Danger.” 

This is obviously a very lonely man who craves passion.

Weiner’s social media hijinks later inspired a sort-of off-Broadway Greek tragedy, albeit with a technological angle, called The Weiner Monologues.

Huma will be ticked over this one.  Perhaps she can seek guidance from Hillary on this latest humiliation. The entire world knows of Hillary’s familiarity with absorbing devastating blows to a marriage.


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