Trump threatens to stop raising cash for Republican Party

Following the revelation that 70 former elected Republican Party officials and former Republican National Committee (RNC) staffers or political strategists countersigned an open letter to Reince Priebus imploring the RNC chairman discontinue joint-fundraising efforts with nominee Donald Trump, the New York businessman warned he would stop raising money for the GOP.

Witnesses to the letter, former Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire, and former Reps. Chris Shays of Connecticut, Tom Coleman of Missouri and Vin Weber of Minnesota were joined by former RNC staffers Mindy Finn, former committee chief digital strategist; Christine Iverson Gunderson, former press secretary; and Beth Miller, a former field communications division director, and have encouraged Priebus to spend precious campaign funds on congressional elections.

Deriding those who signed as the letter as political hacks who “got us into this mess” to Fox News host Eric Bolling, Trump vowed to halt his efforts to raise GOP funds should the RNC cut the flow of money into his campaign coffers.

“All I’ll have to do is stop funding the Republican Party.  I’m the one raising the money for them . . . If they want to do that, they can save me a lot of time and a lot of energy,” Trump said.

Trump’s campaign reported $80 million in July donations, $64 million of which rolled in as a result of joint-fundraising efforts with the RNC.


[Los Angeles Times] [Photo courtesy Getty Images via Newsmax]