Clinton to release more tax returns in attempt to embarrass Trump

A source close to Hillary Clinton’s campaign told media outlets on Thursday that the Democratic presidential nominee will release her tax returns for 2015 “in the coming days,” presumably to highlight her Republican opponent’s refusal to release any IRS documents, the first presidential candidate to do so in 40 years.

In addition, the former Secretary’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, will also release 10 years worth of joint returns for him and his wife by next week.

Clinton’s 2015 return, which includes her husband, reportedly shows the couple paid an effective federal tax rate of 35.7 percent in 2015, a combined 45.8 percent in local, state and federal receipts and donated 10 percent of their income to charity.

On Thursday, Mrs. Clinton gave an economic policy speech in Warren, Michigan, attacking Donald Trump’s tax cut proposals and highlighting the Republican nominee’s lack of transparency regarding his sources of personal income.

The Clinton campaign continued the narrative on Friday, releasing a web video which shows GOP leaders such as Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell imploring Trump to release his returns and speculating as to what the candidate has to hide.

The ad even shows Trump himself in two separate television interviews saying that “if you’re running [for president], at a minimum, probably you’re gonna have to show your returns,” and “if you didn’t see the tax returns, you’d think there’s almost, like, something wrong.”

In May, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said that the candidate probably won’t release his IRS tax documents because they’re “incredibly complicated.”  The New York real estate mogul has repeatedly said he will not disclose any tax information until the IRS is finished auditing his returns, an excuse the tax agency publicly discredited.

Earlier in 2016, the Clintons released joint tax returns for years 2007 through 2014, and claim to have now released nearly 40 years worth of filings dating back to 1978 when Bill Clinton first ran for governor in Arkansas.


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