Trump campaign foregoes television commercials

Preferring to spend campaign funds elsewhere, Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign has renounced advertising on television.

Since the final Republican primary in South Dakota on June 7, Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign has not invested a single penny in television advertisements.

In contrast, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has spent $52 million; Jill Stein, Green Party nominee, has spent $189,000 on television spots; and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has disbursed over $15,000 for television airtime promoting his bid.

Advertisements promoting the Trump candidacy on television are attributed entirely to Trump-connected superPACs, which have spent slightly over $8 million on behalf of the New York businessman’s White House bid.  In comparison, pro-Clinton superPACs have flooded the airwaves with commercials in the amount of $37 million.

Despite raking in over $80 million in campaign donations in July alone, speculation persists the Trump campaign will continue to rely on what is regarded as “free” airtime the GOP nominee generated on network and cable news outlets during the primary season.

Now that Clinton has taken a solid eight-point lead in the national polls, Trump may want to re-think his frugal advertisement strategy.


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