The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Iran allegedly showcases $400 million sent to Tehran in January:  Despite heated denials from the Obama Administration a January payment to Tehran was ransom for American captives, Iran has broadcast images of a hoard of cash purported to be part of an “expensive price” authorized by Mr. Obama following the release of the prisoners.

Although the film can not be verified and was taken several months ago, the images show pallets of cash and is part of an Iranian documentary detailing the negotiations with the West to free the American captives.

Mr. Obama says the cash payment was completely unrelated to the freeing of the prisoners, but questions persist over the timing of the payment coming as the captives were released.

Merkel support tumbles over immigration:  Polls taken in June and July reveal German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s public approval has dropped precipitously, from 59 percent in June to 47 percent at the end of July.

The disapproval and dropping support is rooted in Merkel’s refusal to abandon the intake of refugees from the Middle East.

Germany has suffered from a string of terror attacks committed by asylum seekers or those with suspected ties to ISIS over a seven-day period in July.

North Korea to aim for moon landing:  Despite American efforts to curtail North Korea’s missile program, Pyongyang’s top scientific researcher with the hermit state’s National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) has announced North Korea’s intent to land a man on the moon.

Hyon Kwang Il, director of the NADA vowed to “plant a flag on the moon.”

He added North Korea is roughly a decade from achieving their goal of “conquering space.”

U.S. sends intelligence officials to Rio Olympics:  According to a NBC News report, the United States has sent as many as 300 intelligence operatives to Rio de Janeiro to “disrupt any potential threats to the Olympic games in Rio.”

According to the report, agents attached to the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. military are operating on the ground in Rio.

A separate group of 800 analysts are working in the United States monitoring the games and assisting American operatives on the ground.

Syrian rebels allegedly break Aleppo siege:  Although reports conflict, Syrian opposition groups surrounded in Aleppo have allegedly broken through a thin perimeter encircling the eastern portion of Aleppo.

Damascus has denied such a breach occurred.

Troops loyal to Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad laid siege to Aleppo in July.

According to news reports, the rebel group was nearing a weapons store at Ramousah, which is the epicenter of weapons and ammunition supplying Syrian government troops surrounding Aleppo.

ISIS driven from Manbij:  Controlled by the Islamic State for over two years, Kurdish and Arab fighters constituting the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and allied with the American-backed coalition have driven a bulk of ISIS terrorists from the Syrian city of Manbij.

The SDF, aided by American and coalition-partner airstrikes, began their offensive on the ISIS stronghold in June.

Rights groups say a majority of the city is in SDF hands and ISIS remnants were using civilians as human shields.


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