Wasserman-Schultz primary opponent lodges complaint with FEC

Already faced with the prospect having no Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee  funding, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz‘s re-election woes mounted on Monday when her primary challenger, law professor Tim Canova, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Canova’s campaign alleges Wasserman-Schultz improperly used both her position at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its resources to benefit her re-election bid.

The Canova campaign’s complaint filed with the FEC read:

“The DNC paid a team of national, senior communications and political professionals significant sums of money for their consulting services and the Wasserman Schultz for Congress Campaign utilized these services free of charge.”

Wasserman-Schultz resigned in disgrace from her role as chairwoman of the DNC on July 28 following the release of 20,000 emails detailing her role in attempting to derail the primary bid of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Recent polls indicate Mr. Canova trails the six-term Florida congresswoman by eight points.

Capitalizing on Wasserman-Schultz’s email controversy, Canova has repeatedly accused the incumbent of dodging him in a debate.  Asked recently by a local reporter when she planned on debating her challenger, Wasserman-Schultz replied:  “We’re working out those details.”

Canova faces Wasserman-Schultz in an August 30 primary.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Andrew Burton/Getty Images via The Observer]