Green Party officially nominates Dr. Jill Stein to presidential ticket

Dr. Jill Stein accepted the Green Party presidential nomination at the organization’s national convention in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, referring to her’s as the “only party of, by and for the people.”

Under the slogan “Vote Jill if you will,” Stein was nominated along with vice-presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka, a human rights activist and founder of the US Human Rights Network.

Supporters of the Lexington, Massachusetts, physician intermittently shouted “Jill not Hill throughout her 35-minute acceptance speech. 

Addressing a mass of issues dear to party supporters, Stein spoke at length on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, climate change and environmental issues, marriage equality, an end to foreign wars, prison reform, stopping the “war on drugs” and called for reparations to members of the black community.

Stein devoted a portion of her speech appealing to supporters of Bernie Sanders, a crucial voter bloc Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton needs to claim the White House.

“I want to recognize the people coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign who launched a political movement and refused to let that movement die in the Democratic Party,” Stein said. “You have completely changed the political dynamics going forward, it will never be the same and there will be no stopping you, there will be no stopping us until we have achieved that change that we have all put on the platform together,” Stein said in her acceptance speech.

The convention also hosted remarks from Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange and Dr. Cornel West.