Clinton convinces only 13 percent of Sanders voters to support candidacy during convention

After unofficially clinching the Democratic presidential nomination in June, one of the questions surrounding Hillary Clinton’s general election prospects was the former Secretary’s ability to convince progressive-minded populist voters who supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries to get behind her mainstream campaign.

Before the Republican National Convention had commenced, Clinton was drawing approximately 50 percent support from pro-Sanders voters in polls that included both third party presidential candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

Following the end of the Democratic Convention on July 28, surveys from four polling organizations — CNN, Fox News, Marist and YouGov — show that Clinton only managed to siphon about 13 percent of Sanders supporters, even after officially adopting a progressive Democratic platform the weekend prior to the start of festivities in Philadelphia.

In polls that only offer a binary choice, the Democratic candidate earns nearly 80 percent of Sanders voters.

Interestingly, Clinton’s support with the Sanders’ base in a four-way race is similar to Donald Trump’s popularity with moderate, college-educated Republicans — approximately 63 percent.

According to the latest national polling averages, the Libertarian and Green Party candidates are drawing equaling from Trump and Clinton, with the Democratic candidate leading 47.6 to 40.1 percent in a head-to-head match-up, and 43.8 to 36.3 with all four candidates polled, each losing approximately four points from their averages.

Gary Johnson polls consistently in the high single and low double-digits, averaging 8.6 percent, while Jill Stein currently has the support of about four percent of the electorate.

Hillary Clinton’s margin over Trump in two, three and four-way polls sits at a solid 7.5 percent, leads in all swing-states and is virtually tied with the Republican candidate in two consistently red states, Arizona and Georgia.


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