Trump says Hillary Clinton is the founder of ISIS

Citing a string of foreign policy calamities in the Middle East while she served as Secretary of State, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump declared Hillary Clinton to be the founder of ISIS on Wednesday, just days after referring his Democratic rival as “the devil” during an interview with Fox News

Addressing the throngs of supporters at a Daytona Beach, Florida, rally, Trump recited military and political reversals in Iraq, Afghanistan and the utter chaos which reigns in Libya and said they are attributed to Clinton’s mismanagement of affairs while she served under President Obama as Secretary of State.

“It was Hillary Clinton.  She should get an award from ISIS as the founder of ISIS,” said Trump.

Focusing particularly on the fiasco in Libya, where ISIS has grew after the ouster of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Trump continued to assail Clinton:

“Libya! Look at that mess and that was Clinton telling Obama what to do . . . he’d love to have a do-over, I can tell you.”

President Obama himself has admitted his role in the crisis in Libya, stating he never had a post-Gaddafi strategy. Clinton is known as favoring an intensive bombing campaign which, in part, led to the former Libyan strongman being overthrown.  Gaddafi was beaten to death in October 2011 by National Transitional Council of Libya forces.

Watch Donald Trump’s remarks about Hillary Clinton’s personal responsibility for the rise of ISIS below:


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