Customs and Border Patrol website assists illegals in dodging arrest

Those who dare to peruse through the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) website may be alarmed to find a section outlining how illegal aliens, the individuals CBP is tasked with preventing entry to, can escape forcible return to their home country.

Under the tag “Border Security” and in a page titled “Sensitive Locations FAQ,” the law enforcement agency outlines methods illegals can use to elude deportation through sanctuary where the the reach of law enforcement ends.

Called “sensitive locations,” the sites include:  Schools, hospitals, medical facilities, colleges, universities, day-care centers, houses of worship or rallies or parades.

Such events or places are described as allowing illegal immigrants “participating in activities” or “utilizing services” to be free to live their lives “without fear or hesitation.”

The website also provides a toll-free number to call should their “right” to engage in activities or seek assistance at designated “sensitive locations” be thwarted by law enforcement.

The site also provides Spanish-speaking illegal immigrants Spanish translation, but does not include a translation service for any other language.


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