The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

ISIS propaganda uses pets to attract recruits:  In what is certain an attempt to reveal a tender side to terrorism and refute the brutality of the Islamic State, ISIS militants photographed holding kittens and tending bees have appeared in the terror group’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq.

In its latest publication available online, experts suspect the pictures are an attempt to both recruit new members and assuage fears among Muslims.

This is the first known attempt by ISIS to use house pets in publications.  In the past, ISIS has used images of children, parents and photographs of people going about daily life under Islamic State rule.  In July, ISIS publicized their own version of the Olympics.

Suicide blast rocks Benghazi:  One day following the commencement of American airstrikes on the ISIS stronghold of Sirte, a car bomb explosion killed 18 people in al-Guwarsha, west of Benghazi.

Officials suspect the explosive device was aimed at the headquarters of the Libyan National Army’s 146 brigade.

Although unconfirmed, it is suspected the explosion was perpetrated by the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, which has ties to radical Islamist terror groups and ISIS.

Rights activist guilty in China:  In the first conviction related to a crackdown on rights activism, China has convicted rights advocate Zhai Yanmin of subversion against the state.

A Tianjin court ruled Zhai had been in the paid employ of foreign nations and his duties included “hyping” human rights cases to chip away at state power.

Arrested in July 2015, during a crackdown on anti-Beijing activism, Zhai Yanmin pleaded guilty to the charges and received a three year jail sentence.

Rights group accuses Syrian forces of targeting medical facilities:  Declaring the last seven days to be the worst week in the five-year civil war, American-based rights group, Physicians for Human Rights, accused Syrian government aircraft of targeting Aleppo hospitals.

Representatives of the group say Syria attacked six medical facilities in the period July 23-31 and declared each attack a war crime.

The groups also says the ongoing civil war has witnessed a total of 370 attacks on 265 medical outposts killing 750 patients and aid personnel.


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