Pokémon Go to the polls says the Clinton campaign; Trump fires back

Gotta catch ’em all… voters, that is. After the sensational rollout of Niantic’s Pokémon Go, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is capitalizing on the mobile game’s nationwide success to register young voters across America.

The wildly popular game brings the classic brand to life by using a virtual-reality like interface where users can collect characters through the lense of their cell phone camera. As the game requires the player to physically move around to “hunt” Pokémon, it ultimately gets kids active and outdoors.

The mobile game has also made headlines for its unintentional role in causing traffic accidents, as well as the particularly unbelievable story of a woman’s inadvertent uncovering of a dead body.

The Democratic nominee, however, has positioned Pokémon Go as a tool to reach voters, especially the much needed 90’s kids — young millennials — a demographic she has struggled with in the past, losing out to Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders in 2008 and 2016, respectively.

For those wondering why the masses have been wandering around with their heads buried in their phones, a brief explanation is needed. The idea is to create “Lures”, or locations that attract Pokémon, highly sought-after by aspiring Poke-masters, near real-life centers for political events.

By incentivizing such locations, the Clinton campaign aims to encourage players to register to vote and learn more about her proposed policies, all while hunting Pikachu.

The Trump campaign has also reportedly created a Pokémon-themed attack ad against Clinton, posted to the Republican presidential nominee’s Facebook page.

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