The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Fighting resumes in South Sudan:  Renewed fighting in South Sudan killed nine as troops loyal to President Salva Kiir encountered armed men associated with former vice president Riek Machar’s SPLM-IO opposition group.

Kiir dismissed Machar last week and replaced him with Taban Deng Gai.

A government spokesperson denied widespread fighting, saying an isolated skirmish took place, but government troops had repelled the assault on positions held by government troops.

Brazil uses troops to combat gang violence:  Responding to gang violence in the capital of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte state, Natal, the Brazilian government has sent 1,200 troops to subdue widespread unrest.  A curfew has been imposed in the city.

Over the weekend, 15 buses were destroyed, looting has been reported and several building were set ablaze.

According to sources, the turbulence arose when the government determined to disrupt cell phone usage through a jamming signal.

Russia invites NATO for talks:  Aimed at lowering tension over the presence of NATO troops near Russian’s border and the activation of a missile shield in July, Moscow has invited top NATO officials to Russia for a series of talks.

Of significant concern is the military exercises conducted by NATO and military flights over the Baltic Sea.

Moscow has repeatedly protested NATO flights in the area, often conducted without transponders activated.

Spain overrules Catalonia bid for independence:  The Constitutional Court of Spain has rejected the conclusions of Catalonia’s Committee to Study the Constitutive Process, saying it violated the Spanish constitution.

Catalonia has been weighing options to declare independence from Spain and last week declared its intend to pursue independence over the objections of Madrid.

Spain’s court said the Catalonia parliament’s vote was unconstitutional.

Syrian opposition launches counteroffensive in Aleppo:  Amid deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Aleppo, Syrian opposition groups have launched an offensive against areas of the besieged city held by troops loyal to Bashar al-Assad.

Countering claims the opposition groups had driven Syrian armed forces from parts of Aleppo, the Syrian army confirmed the rebels had launched an offensive, but dismissed reports opposition troops had retaken areas under Damascus’ control.

Aleppo remains one of the last opposition controlled cities in Syria.


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