Despite appeals, Koch brothers refuse to support Trump

Powerful donors involved with the Koch family‘s political apparatus walked away from brothers Charles and David’s weekend conference unable to to coax the billionaire industrialists to unite with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to help fund the New York businessman’s White House campaign.

Preferring to dedicate an estimated $300 million in on-hand cash to congressional races, Koch told guests his political arm would emphasize corralling the national debt and corporate welfare.

Charles Koch told attendees assembled at the bi-annual Freedom partners seminar held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, he is unable to support either Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“But since it appears that neither presidential candidate is likely to support us in these efforts, we are focused on maximizing the number of principled leaders in the House and Senate who will,” Charles Koch said.

Donors in attendance for the weekend conference expressed fears the Koch family’s refusal to assist the Trump campaign could injure efforts to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton and, should Trump be elected to the White House, spurning the real estate mogul could lead to traditional donors being shut out completely from a Trump administration.

Although the Koch’s network appears sound, oil tycoon Harold Hamm, reportedly in line for a cabinet post and a long-time associate of Koch-related political efforts, did not attend the weekend event; and media businessman Stanley Hubbard, who did attend the event, emerged from the weekend convinced the Kochs would not reverse their stance on Trump.


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