The Hill Talk’s Glance at the Globe

Malaysia Airlines flight deliberately flown into ocean:  Dismissing theories MH370 was not under the control of the flight crew when it disappeared in March 2014, aviation expert Larry Vance said in an interview with 60 Minutes he believes the pilot deliberately crashed the passenger aircraft into the ocean.

Vance cited the recovery of a section of the wing and the extension of the flaperon, which is deployed during low-speed landings.  Vance says the deployment could have only occurred by the action of the crew.

Vance also mentioned a search of the pilot’s home revealed a home flight simulator with a course similar to the last known path MH370 took before disappearing.

Arrests made in murder of Catholic priest:  Two men with links to the pair of terrorists responsible for the death of Father Father Jacques Hamel in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France, on July 26 have been taken into custody by French authorities.

Officials say Farid K was arrested for terrorist activity and Jean-Philippe Steven J was placed under arrest for attempting to travel to Syria with Abdel Malik Petitjean, one of the two murderers of Reverend Jacques Hamel.

Tunisian parliament dismisses Prime Minister:  In a 188-3 vote, the Tunisian Assembly of the Representatives of the People has voted to dismiss Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid.

The vote of no confidence was passed after months of Essid facing intense pressure to step down over criticism he did little to pass economic reforms to relieve skyrocketing unemployment.

Hong Kong disqualifies pro-democracy candidate:  Hong Kong’s Electoral Affairs Commission has refused to certify Chan Ho-tin for election to the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

Chan is a member of the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party.

The Communist Party has stated Chen’s pro-independence political positions reflect an inability to uphold basic law or fulfill duties as a legislator.

Responding to the Party’s refusal to clear Chen for election, the Hong Kong National Party called on pro-democracy advocates to boycott the September elections.

ISIS encourages attacks on Russia:  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released a video Sunday calling on members to carry out jihad on the Russian Federation.

The nine-minute video depicting armed men collecting weapons in the aftermath of an attack narrated by a masked man warning Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people appeared on YouTube.

No reason for the call to target Russia was given, but the terror group has recently called on members to take up arms against nations it has been fighting in the Middle East.


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